About Lite Mind

I'm Caemin O Connor, the creator of Lite Mind, a breakthrough practice that helps busy people achieve long term happiness.
I developed Lite Mind kind of by accident but also out of necessity.
It all started a few years after I got married and we had our second child.
The business that I founded was doing well.
We had bought a house in the neighborhood we always wanted to live in.
Life was good in many ways but like every busy, working parent, I was stressed and stretched.
Even though I had a lot of good in my life, I wasn't enjoying it.
I felt that I never had any time to myself and more importantly, I felt that I wasn't giving my family the time they needed and deserved.
And I was also getting to the stage in my life when I started asking myself if I'd ever get the chance to follow some of my dreams and passions.
I tried meditation- and I got something out of it for a while (I even taught it for a few years).
I read self help books, I took up exercise, I did courses on self-improvement. But nothing ever stuck.
In the words of Bono, I still hadn't found what I was looking for.
So I started researching happiness, because when you think about it, the main reason why people meditate or undertake any form of self-improvement, is because we all just want to be happier- happiness is the key.
I spent years researching, practicing and then disassembling all of the proven happiness techniques.
The end result is Lite Mind- a truly breakthrough practice that helps you develop long term happiness.
I know Lite Mind works because it has transformed my life and the lives of so many other people.
And I'm so confident it will work for you, that I offer a full refund, no questions asked.

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