Copy of How to rewire your brain for happiness

Author: Caemin O Connor
Founder, Lite Mind


Between a hectic home life and an even busier work schedule, have you become so stretched that you barely even have time for yourself let alone all your other responsibilities? Have you started to feel overwhelmed and stressed by the countless tasks you’re responsible for?

Despite all the positive things in your life, do you somehow feel unfulfilled or unhappy? You're not alone. Our modern busy lives make it difficult for us to find the time to appreciate, or even be aware of, all the good things that we have.

Happiness seems like this elusive emotion that few have but many seek. The truth is the secret to happiness is quite simple – appreciate and enjoy everything that’s good in our everyday lives. However, the negative impact of everyday stress tends to overshadow the positive leaving you feeling unfulfilled and unhappy.

This situation may seem inevitable, but it's not and there is good news. By practicing breakthrough and simple exercises for just a few minutes every day, you can completely rewire your brain for happiness.



Practicing these exercises will not only help you perform better at work, but it will also make you more attentive and present when at home. Ultimately, these exercises will lead to a happier you which will dramatically transform your everyday life in ways you would have never imagined possible.

Rewiring your brain for happiness is not based on some abstract meditation method or philosophy. These exercises have been proven effective by numerous sources.

Over the last two decades, breakthroughs in the field of neuroscience have shown that whatever we repeatedly sense and feel shapes our neural structure. In effect, if you can observe the positive things in your life, take the time to absorb and appreciate these positive things, then your brain becomes rewired for happiness.

Sounds good, right? But if your everyday life is so busy – when are you going to find the time to appreciate all these positive things? When will you find the time to learn these exercises? 

That's why I developed a free mini video course (3 videos, each one no longer than 10 minutes). That’s right, FREE. In this short course, you will learn my innovative breakthrough exercises that will rewire your brain for happiness. 

I didn't re-invent the wheel here, but I have taken what I learned from amazing neuroscientists, doctors and specialists like Rick Hanson, James Dotty, Robert Emmons and Don Joseph Goewey among others. Over many years, I developed and fine-tuned this amazing daily practice that will rewire your brain for happiness.

If you want to transform the way you view the world by learning my breakthrough exercises and invite happiness into your life for good, then simply enter your email address below.