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A friend recommended Lite Mind to me and I can say hand on heart that it’s the best recommendation I ever got. Try it- I really, really mean it. If you want to be happier then try Lite Mind.


I’m not into wellness or meditation, they’re just not my thing so I was kind of hesitant with Lite Mind. But at the same time, the things Caemin was writing about struck a note- I was feeling unhappy and unfulfilled even though I had a great wife, fantastic kids, a good job etc. Lite Mind has changed my life in so many ways- and it’s so easy to do.


Where do I start with Lite Mind? It’s brilliant. It’s brought joy, happiness, gratitude and so much more into my life. And the purpose part - that was a surprise. As a working mom with 3 children, I didn’t think it would be possible, but it totally is. Lite Mind has opened up a whole new and very happy chapter in my life.